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Daytime Halloween Party Costume Contest Winners!

We had a HUGE turn out yesterday for our Daytime Halloween Party! We’re so grateful to everyone coming out and having a fun time with us. Without all of you trick-or-treaters and freaky frighteners, we wouldn’t have had such a good time! We had a ton of AMAZING costumes yesterday and we’ll have the rest of the pictures up in the next couple of days, but for now – here are our winners!!!

In the group of Ages 6 & Under – 

3rd Place goes to Charlie Brown!!


2nd Place goes to Spider-Girl!!

1st Place goes to Super Mario & Yoshi!



In the group of Ages 7-14 –

3rd Place goes to Harley Quinn!!



2nd Place goes to the Murloc from World Of Warcraft!!


1st Place goes to Princess R2-D2!!



In the group of Ages 15 & Up –


3rd Place goes to Professor X!!20151031_132322


2nd Place goes to Agent Carter!!



1st Place goes to beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE!



Finally, our winner for Best Costume Of The Day goes to…. Barfolomew J. Barf!!!


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FEAR AND LOATHING ON THE ROAD: Artist Troy Little’s Signing Tour!


It’s here! After great anticipation and a sell-out early launch at New York Comic-Con, Troy Little‘s stunning graphic novel adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas hits comic shops everywhere this week.

But how to promote this full-color monument to American ingenuity? For guidance, we turned to the words of Thompson himself: “If a thing like this is worth doing at all, it’s worth doing right… We’d be fools not to ride this strange torpedo all the way out to the end.” So the only way to handle a book like this, we felt, was to dress up like human peacocks and get crazy, then screech off across the desert and hold some signings.

We’ll be replicating, as closely as possible, the actual journey depicted in the book — drinks at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills, driving through the California desert in a convertible, and searching for the American Dream on the Las Vegas Strip. But instead of a briefcase of intoxicants, Troy will be loaded with art supplies, so he can document the experience in comics form as we go. So what are you waiting for? “Buy the ticket, take the ride!”[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

10/28 • City Cinema (Charlottetown, PE)
10/30-11/1 • Hal-Con (Halifax, NS)
11/6 • San Diego Comic Art Gallery (San Diego)
11/7 • Comickaze Comics & More (San Diego)
11/8 • Meltdown Comics (Los Angeles)
11/9 • The Polo Lounge (Los Angeles)
11/10 • Barnes & Noble (Santa Monica)
11/11 • Maximum Comics #1 (Southwest Las Vegas)
11/12 • Maximum Comics #2 (Henderson)
11/13 • Maximum Comics #3 (Northwest Las Vegas)
11/13 • Barnes & Noble (Northwest Las Vegas)
11/13 • Karaoke party @ Flex Cocktail Lounge (Las Vegas)

(watch this space for updates!)


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Cars from Classic Movies – Gallery Halloween Event Featured on Local News

Is everyone excited about our Daytime Halloween Party?!? Well, get ready to be even more excited!

Check out us out on Fox 5 San Diego this morning showing off just some of the cars that will be joining us this Saturday morning for all the freaky fun!

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