San Diego Comic Art Gallery Presents Jack Kirby’s “Lord Of Light”!

Jack Kirby’s “Lord Of Light”

Born in 1917 on the Lower East Side of New York City, Jack Kirby was a legendary comic book artist with a career that spanned nearly six decades. “The King,” as he’s still affectionately known, helped create many of the most popular characters in comics, including Captain America and The Fantastic Four for Marvel and The New Gods and Kamandi for DC. He spearheaded romance and war stories in comics, and there was no genre he could not master. Continue reading San Diego Comic Art Gallery Presents Jack Kirby’s “Lord Of Light”!

The Art of Marvel’s Star Wars

On May 25, 1977, American cinema and pop-culture were changed forever with the release of Star Wars, a sci-fi epic written and directed by George Lucas. The movie was a runaway success, with people of all ages lined up outside their local movie theaters to see what the buzz was all about. A month prior to the films release, Marvel Comics released the first issue of their Star Wars comic, written and edited by legendary writer Roy Thomas and drawn by the prolific Howard Chaykin. The series was a smash hit. It ran for nine years and reached 114 issues. The first six issues were an adaptation of A New Hope, issues 39 through 44 adapted The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi saw publication as its own mini-series. Continue reading The Art of Marvel’s Star Wars