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IDW Creator Signing Party

Last night was our big IDW Creator Signing Party and what a turn out it was! With nearly 300 fans in attendance, it’s certainly safe to say our first event of 2017 was kicked off right! Before we get into the rundown, we just wanna take a moment to thank all of the AMAZING fans of IDW Publishing‘s comics. Without you fans reading our comics and getting excited about our writers and artists, nights like this don’t get to happen.



From my “My Little Pony” we had 3 of our fan favorite artists – Sara Richard, Agnes Garbowska, and Tony Fleecs. With Pacific Pony Con going on this weekend, it was a given that they’d get a pretty big turn out, but fans of all ages came out in full force. Everyone left with signed books and sketches of their favorite ponies. Here are Sara, Tony, and Agnes with 2 BIG “Jem & The Holograms“fans, Alex & Mya!


Chris Mowry and Kahlil Schweitzer, writers on “Godzilla: Rage Across Time” #2 were on hand to join in on the fun. Lots of laughs coming from their end of the table with the fans, unsurprisingly. John Barber, writer on “Revolution” and “Optimus Prime” was also hanging out with us signing for the Transformers fans!



Now, you can’t talk about events at the San Diego Comic Art Gallery and NOT talk about the man – Kevin Eastman! All the TMNT fans were out in full force last night to meet Kevin and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” series writer, Tom Waltz. Adding to the fun on that end of the table was “V Wars” writer/creator Jonathan Maberry, signing copies of his V Wars comics and novels, along with his “The X-Files” novels.


Finally, we had almost our entire team of “Locke & Key” on hand last night – Editor (and writer on “ROM“, as he would surely want us to mention) Chris Ryall, colorist Jay Fotos, and the man of the hour, series artist & co-creator, Gabriel Rodriguez. It’s rare when Gabe is in the US prior to San Diego Comic Con, as Chile is a bit of a trip, so this was a pretty special appearance. To have all of them here to celebrate the debut of the brand new one-shot, “Locke & Key: Small World“, was exciting for all of us, especially the fans – we sold out of the hardcover edition on site! With all of Gabe’s art from “Little Nemo: Return To Slumberland” on display as well, series writer Eric Shanower was a welcome last minute addition to the fun.



We hope everyone had as much fun at the signing as all of us did. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for updates on our next signing! You never know who’s gonna show up…


Yes, that IS Kevin Eastman signing a baby’s shirt!
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